Did Hamilton sell in UK? 1940s-1950s

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Did Hamilton sell in UK? 1940s-1950s

#1 Post by QuartzCrisis » Fri Dec 03, 2021 8:13 am

You might have seen from my previous posts that I got solid gold 9ct Bonklip bracelet from UK. I've started using it with late 1940s Hamilton Gilbert, and I'm considering using it with the other solid gold Hamiltons from the period. I've always felt that the British bracelet + American watch combination is not exactly correct and I need to get a "proper" European watch for my Bonklip. But:

I met with Jarett not that long ago and he says that Hamilton sold a lot of Electrics in Europe. They even used the special 18k gold for Europe only.

From time to time I see Hamiltons with 980/982 movements are coming out of UK on eBay. So these might have been originally sold in UK.

So my question is: Did Hamilton sell watches in UK / Europe in 1940s-1950s? Was it a lot?

If the answer is yes than I can feel much better about my Bonklip+Hamilton combination, and I don't need to look outside of the Hamilton world that I love.
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