Large Hamilton Watch collection need help

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Large Hamilton Watch collection need help

#1 Post by Bigdaddy504 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:30 am

My Uncle recently passed away, he lived out of state and when i started clearing his apartment i came across a large amount of Hamilton watches. Many in near perfect condition, some with the bands removed, and some taken apart with their guts sorted and bagged. I know its going to take me a long time to classify them, I have 5 family members that need to collectively agree on what to do with the collection. I need to help pay for my Uncles funeral cost, as well as figure out what to do with his possessions. I have lots of free time to fully research but i am not sure on some things as to why my Uncle did certain things.
Why would he have Many multiples of the exact same watch?
Why would he have taken numerous watch bands off?
Why would he have parts of watches with many taken apart?
I have a box of Hamilton watch cases, but how do i figure out which goes to what box?
There are many leather bands and many metal bands does it make a difference which gets what band or should i leave them off?
I think my Uncle had OCD because he was extremely organized and took extreme care for his stuff. I am being super gentle with these watches and my goal is to get them identified and most likely sell most of them when my family agrees. I am not asking for others to do the legwork for me, but asking for advice or suggestions. It was clear my Uncle loved these watches and i hate that i am going to part with them eventually, but i hope for them to end up with people that appreciate them.
Thank you.
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Re: Large Hamilton Watch collection need help

#2 Post by nickmicz22 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:18 pm

So sorry for your loss. One suggestion to start with you could all pick out one watch to keep for yourselves, Looks like your uncle had quite a passion for Hamiltons and a nice watch would be a great keepsake to remember him with.
I would start by making an inventory, look for a model number on the case back of each watch write a quick description of each Automatic/Quartz/Mechanical, Date/day.then describe the condition, new/good/fair/poor, missing parts/runs/not running but complete, then note if it has a band or bracelet.
After you have a good idea of what is there, you can start to assess the value (use completed ebay auctions keeping in mind ebay charges fees to sell and shipping costs) and decide what to do next.

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Re: Large Hamilton Watch collection need help

#3 Post by JerseyMo » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:31 am

Yes, it sure does look as though your uncle had both the passion for collecting and organization. My guess as to why the bands have been removed is that they were easier to store and take less space.
I have been selling on EBay for almost 10 years now and have helped sell a few estate collections and would be happy to provide any help. My approach when selling for someone else is to use buy it now with a make offer option. I set the asking price somewhere below what a more recent one sold for. If I get offers, it gives an indication of what buyers are willing to pay. You can also just go with an opening bid set at the level you would accept an offer at. This way if even just one bid comes in you get what you wanted and if it goes higher it is a plus. I've sold some that way and they reached well above what the most recent sold for. It just shows that there are no guarantees and the bottom line is are you willing to sell quickly or wait it out for the highest offer.

Feel free to send me a PM or email and good luck.
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Re: Large Hamilton Watch collection need help

#4 Post by Nookster » Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:48 am

Did you have a price in mind?
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