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Re: Speedway Cronicles

#11 Post by Illinois281989 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:52 pm

Since last posting I have located two 3/0, 307 grade movements I will use for parts if needed for this restoration. Veritas123, if you are following I will post back bezel measurements for you. I apologize for the delay thus far.

Still have a few imperfections on the watch case needing tending to, didn't realize it and will post photos of the restored case soon. With all parts coming together, troubleshooting and cleaning time have arrived. I was worried about the case screw above the serial number and one of the dial foot screws, both of which are rusted. With luck and gentle pressure both budged pretty easy. I got lucky! With the movement out of the case I further disassembled by removing the dial, hour wheel, and dial washer, which I would imagine original to the watch.

I am waiting on some fresh sawdust to use as a drying agent for the balance assembly. Once acquired I will "one dip" this part. Next up: Balance assembly removal, watch movement cleaning, and further troubleshooting of the setting and winding mech.

***The pillar plate reads "4th Model". Does anybody know what this means? I would imagine 4th variation meaning this watch was towards end of production?***

Thanks for following along to all whom are interested.

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Re: Speedway Cronicles

#12 Post by GJH » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:05 pm

This is very exciting to follow.
Nice photos and enjoy the updates.

My watchmaker runs into this "4th Mod" all the time.
It is another variation of the 3/0 series and has
several different things about it that are specific to this model.
I will try to get Jesse to chime in here.

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Re: Speedway Cronicles

#13 Post by Nookster » Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:22 am

Welcome, and thanks for contributing your watches and questions. It's a fun place to be.
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Re: Speedway Cronicles

#14 Post by mrtoad » Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:42 am

The 4th Model is the final version of the Illinois 3/0 movement, intended for wristwatch use, from the late 1920s on. Earlier models had been for pocket watches, though some had found their way to military-style watches during World War I. Illinois had almost stopped 3/0 production in the 1920s but restarted with the rising popularity of wristwatches in the late '20s, for models such as the Speedway.

I believe you will find a lot more about movement versions and production data in Fred Friedberg's forthcoming book.

I suspect your dial may be a refinished one because it lacks a date stamp on the back. Nonetheless, it will work for this model.

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Re: Speedway Cronicles

#15 Post by Illinois281989 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:38 pm

Thank you once again on the movement information Mr. Toad. This is what I was wondering about the 4th model, never seen it stamped on this grade before working on this watch. I have to disagree with you on the dial. I am 99% certain it is an original but fully understand your reasoning behind your thoughts. It is interesting that there is not a date code on the back of the dial as usually seen on all of them. Has anyone come across this issue before? I have never seen a Speedway with this variation dial, but it was a factory option. I would like to discover more on the dial if anyone has further insight. Thank you Nookster and GJH for your comments.

I will be adding more soon. The 4th wheel pivot was broken on the watch, reason as to why the second hand was missing. I have the new 4th wheel partially installed and will be posting pictures soon regarding what has been done thus far.

"A Minute of Care is Worth an Hour of Repair" circa 1930.

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