Help :: Sergines . Mechanics by Pierce Watch Co. Inc.

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Help :: Sergines . Mechanics by Pierce Watch Co. Inc.

#1 Post by JSN » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:41 am

Hi all,

I have a pocket watch from my grandfather.

It has the brand Sergines on the face, but when i open up the machinery is Pierce Wacth.
The letter type for Sergines also not the same i have found on the internet.

Can someone tell me something about this?
Was the Sergines only a exterior design kind of brand, that buy mechanic from others?
Or this watch was Pierce copy of a Sergines watch?

If someone can help me to know more about this watch i would realy apreciated.
Any idea on how to get a date for the watch? Is it rare? How good is the watch? How insteresting?

It is marked inside as an "15 Jewels" type.

Any idea where can I get more info?




Thank you all!

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