Oh My ! ...I Need Some Fast HElp WIth an Important Question

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Oh My ! ...I Need Some Fast HElp WIth an Important Question

#1 Post by salleh » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:07 am

.....I had been happily having my wonderful watch guy in Michigan do a mini-service ( gotta remember that name I just made it up ) ...anyway ....he would take the movement out, the dial and hands off, then oil it from both sides, and check it out without taking anything apart, unless he saw something amiss in which case, we would discuss whether any further work would be worthwhile ....

and then put it all back together , and time it for a couple of weeks, less if I was rushing to get back to California ( poor man, I hit him with about 35 watches the last month I was there !)

and I thought that was a good way to get the buyer off to a better start than to just put the working watches out and selling them without having anything done to them .....

But the other day I went to see my watch guy here in California, ....and while I am not sure if I got through to him about what I was saying ....( customers in and out, and he is Russian, and been a watch guy at that place for more than 20 years, he is not a native English speaker, so there is sometimes a bit of a gap when I deal with him ) but he SEEMED to have the attitude that doing that little mini service was a waste of time and money .....( don't pass this around, but my Michigan watch guy does that mini service for 15 bucks, the deal about that is that he does my watches AFTER all the regular shop work is done ....but within shop hours)

so my question is this ....( bet you thought I'd never get to the question didn't ya ?) ...Is it a waste of time and money to have that little mini-service done ? ....

Oh and I do that mini-service for every watch that comes in running or not ...sometimes that mini will get a watch that is not running when I get it ..into a running watch .....
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Re: Oh My ! ...I Need Some Fast HElp WIth an Important Quest

#2 Post by GeneJockey » Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:54 pm

Well, from my point of view, I wouldn't consider such a watch to have been serviced, and I would want to have it properly done. I'd say as long as you're not telling your buyers the watches are serviced, and they should probably have it done, it's not an issue. I certainly wouldn't want to wear a watch done that way every day and depend on it for long.

That said, I'll often put a little oil in the jewels and on the pallet stones of watches I receive non-running but otherwise apparently okay, and often they will run. Kinda. Not really well, but they'll keep time within a couple minutes a day, and may even run 30 hours without stopping. But the amplitude is low, and god only knows what dirt there might be, grinding away at the pivots.

Of course, I'm a tinkerer, and do my own services, so after I've gotten them working, I'll often let down the mainspring and put them in the 'To Be Cleaned' box, rather than in the 'Wind, Set, and Go' part of my collection.

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Re: Oh My ! ...I Need Some Fast HElp WIth an Important Quest

#3 Post by HandyDan » Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:25 pm

I agree. Putting a little fresh oil in the pivots is probably fine if the movement is clean but otherwise its just oily dirt. Plus a few of the key pivots may have cap jewels that aren't easily oiled from the outside.

I put my watch parts in a cleaning solution in a little jar and put the jar in an ultrasonic cleaner with water (so the water doesnt get in the jar). I then rinse the parts in fresh solution and again in a rinse. I'm always amazed at how dirty the solution becomes even when the "original" looked pretty clean when I start. The dirt tends to collect in the center of the jar bottom and the solution gets hazy.

I think it's $15 poorly spent, as any freshly oiled watch really should be cleaned first. I service every new addition before wearing it.
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