Unbranded, Vintage Red LED watch ID please :)

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Unbranded, Vintage Red LED watch ID please :)

#1 Post by iKokomo » Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:56 pm

I found this random Vintage Red LED watch at a thrift store for $4 USD. It seems to be missing part of the front where probably the brand name was. It is definitely vintage and not a new copy of a watch because of the way the LED lights up (hard to say what is different, but it is) and the amount of wear on it.

I was wondering if anyone knew what brand this may be, or know any history behind this?
Sorry about the second photo, it is blurry, but there is not much info on the back.
Just the following: BaseMetal Bezel Stainless Back and the number 29177.

Thanks a lot!!



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