Roy Case Co 14k white gold

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Roy Case Co 14k white gold

#1 Post by kwijibo » Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:17 am

I'm brand new to this forum. I've always been a "watch guy" with an affinity towards pocket watches. My maternal grandfather was a watch maker for decades, so I guess it's instilled in me.

So my grandfather was a watch maker for something like 70 years. He passed away about 10 years ago and my uncles pillaged everything they thought was of value. I finally have the chance to dig through the "garbage" as the family calls it. For garbage, I've already found a Rolex bubbleback, solid gold no name wrist watch cases, and some unique pieces that are worth a few hundred each. My uncles are not the brightest bulbs in the family tree. My mother is quite happy as I have given her all the moneys collected from this endeavor.

The item I am asking about is an Illinois 21 jewel movement in a 14k white gold case. I thought the case was original to the movement at first, but realized the case is made by Roy case co. The stampings have a s/n, Roy, and in a sideways diamond it reads 14k 585 FINE. The case has some engraving, not as much as others I've seen online. The case is in very good condition.

The crown and the loop in which a chain attaches are definitely not gold. The loop is copper/brass/bronze, as is the crown. Everything else has the luster of white gold. Is this case worth persevering? Do people collect cases? I hate to scrap (gasp) such a thing, but I'm not well versed in pocket watches and am looking for info. Any info you can provide as fact would be appreciated.

I know pictures mean everything, but I left the house without bringing the watches with me. I'll post pics later.

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Re: Roy Case Co 14k white gold

#2 Post by JerryT » Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:23 pm

With the information so far I can say that Roy made fairly nice cases, although sometimes a little on the thin side. Depending on when the movement was made this could very well be the original case as the movement and case were often mated together by the jeweler at the time of sale. There are many collectors who appreciate the cases almost as much as the movements and if the case is really in "very good condition" I would not even consider scrapping it. They just don't make these anymore. When you can post some pictures, and the movement serial number, I'm sure there will be someone here who can give you more information.

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