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Hamilton’s Trademarks

#1 Post by Mugea » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:28 am

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A compilation of registered trademarks owned by Hamilton might be interesting and helpful. Some surprises are included, I guess.

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Remarks / Explanations

Specific remarks
FUiC: = "First Use in Commerce" - a most important date in US trademark Law. In the US first usage of a brand will create trademark rights - contrary to most other countries, where the date of application is the important date. Advantage for collectors: in US trademark applications the FUiC date is given making it possible to date an object with the relating trademark.

US trademark classification
US trademark classification is quite sophisticated. Clocks, Watches and parts thereof do fall in US class 27, while straps and bracelets for watches are listed in class 28. Therefore, I listed the trademarks not included in class 27 in the last table “Non-Watch relating trademarks”. I did not list the myriads of “Hamilton” and “H logo” not registered for watches. There are simply too many to list them all. I also did not list the specific trademarks for silverware.

Special Surprises

1. Only one model name: SECKRON

Interestingly, SECKRON is the only model name registered as a trademark. And the SECKRON trademark is special in a second aspect too: it was filed in USPTO in July 1947 – that means, after production stop of the Seckron. I wonder why.

Yes, the SECOMETER could be regarded as the other model name. On first sight. But in fact, the SECOMETER trademark filed in 1929 was registered for watch dials only – what makes sense, as in 1929, the Secometer was a dial option of the grade 912 pocket watch:
Hamilton_1929-catlog_Grade-912_Secometer-Dial.jpg (134.12 KiB) Viewed 3385 times

So, the Secometer trademark does not have something to do with the later Secometer wrist watch.


The CORAL trademark was another surprise for me. But what is AURIUM? Haven’t heard that before.

3. the 505 trademark

I was quite surprised when I discovered, that the electric movement grade 505 was trademarked by Hamilton. It’s the only grade number Hamilton had a trademark on.

General remarks
I collected the trademark data from US trademark Certificates, i. e. the trademark itself, name and address of the owner and bibliographic data (Reg. Date, Reg. number, FUiC). Searching for old and lapsed US trademarks isn't that easy - helpful sites are:

Brilliant site of a collector (of tools) who's great also in patent and trademark stuff. His site just is the best I'm aware of when it comes to very old US trademarks.

THE site when it comes to horological brands and trademarks - next to all are present, but some still are missing. I corresponded with the owner of the site, Dr. Andreas Schröter, who has some more Hamilton trademarks than contained in my list:

http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=2 ... ucheMarker

The reason: Dr. Schröter lists also new registrations i. a. of Hamilton International (Khaki and the like), while I stopped app. In the mid-70s. Dr. Schröter also has the data of Swiss registrations, what I have not. He selflessly gave me the registration data of some pre-1970 Swiss registrations what are included in the non-US list.

I tried hard to find at least all US trademarks of Hamilton prior to app. 1979. But I guess, I will have missed some anyway.



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Re: Hamilton’s Trademarks

#2 Post by Nookster » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:53 am

great stuff
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Re: Hamilton’s Trademarks

#3 Post by Mugea » Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:20 am

Yes, great stuff. And sometimes you'll find some surprises among the trademarks too. As a side effect, I found US trademark registration No. 201721 of Adolphe Schwob, Inc. of New York (owner of the trademarks CYMA and Tavannes). This 1925 registered trademark is the word "MEADOWBROOK" in use by Schwob since September 1924:

US-TM_201721_MEADOWBROOK_Adolphe-Schwob.jpg (254.98 KiB) Viewed 3329 times
I wonder, if there were any disputes about trademark infringement between Schwob and Hamilton since the sales start of Hamilton's Meadowbrook in 1928…..

Best regards


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Re: Hamilton’s Trademarks

#4 Post by prospex » Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:24 am

Thank you sir.

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