926075 LIC. ATO (Leon Hatot)

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926075 LIC. ATO (Leon Hatot)

#1 Post by Namespetra » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:51 pm

Through fellow VWF member Jersey Mo, I recently acquired this like-new 1970s Hamilton electronic watch. I am amazed by its pristine condition - it looks like it was never worn and stored these past forty years in ideal conditions.

The stainless steel Star case is numbered 926075. It runs a 13j grade 683 (ESA 9154) movement. It even has its original 11/16" Corfam strap with a signed buckle.

"SWISS MADE LIC. ATO" appears on the dial beneath the six o'clock marker. I don't recall seeing such a designation on a Hamilton watch dial. I've recently learned that the technology behind this watch's transistorized movement was invented and patented by Etablissements Leon Hatot (ATO). This licensing acknowledgement with ATO sometimes appears on the dials of other watch brands that utilize similar electronic movements. Leon Hatot the man died in 1953 but the Swatch Group, which owns the Hamilton brand, is the inheritor of his designs and name.

Does anyone have information on this particular watch? Has anyone seen the ATO designation on another Hamilton watch?
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Corfam strap
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Lic. ATO
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Re: 926075 LIC. ATO (Leon Hatot)

#2 Post by Nookster » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:33 am

Your right, looks like new. Enjoy your new watch.
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Re: 926075 LIC. ATO (Leon Hatot)

#3 Post by HamiltonIllinois » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:47 am


Maybe it's time to set-up a dedicated (sticky?) thread to the various Hamilton ELECTRONIC (not Electric) watches on the Hamilton Forum? I don't think anyone really knows a LOT about them, and since only a few people likely actively collect them, perhaps now is the time to begin to bring all of this information together in one spot? Frankly, I have always kind of ignored them in the past as cheap Euro-trash, but this example is too nice to ignore.
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