July Incoming 2018

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Just 1 More
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July Incoming 2018

#1 Post by Just 1 More » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:29 pm

A few days ago during my routine Kreisler search on eBay I came across what I believe to the Original bracelet for the Palisade it was listed by itself I quickly checked the seller's other listings and sure enough he had listed the Palisade, I sent him a message asking if he removed this band from the watch he replied back that Yes he purchased the watch from an estate sale & remove the bracelet. I scored the bracelet for $29.95 plus shipping I was the only bidder but was out bid for the Palisade :( but I had a back up I called Mark & he said Yes I have one sitting on my work bench which I purchase. Now here's when the debate has been who the correct maker of the bracelet :?: I had thought and stood by it was Hadley because my Gold Palisade I purchased came with a Hadley I believe Tom or Randy said theirs had Kreisler so it very well may be both here's both Palisade front & back views of the band both have the same style tri fold out claps.
Palisade front.JPG
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Palisade back.JPG
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Re: July Incoming 2018

#2 Post by Dave » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:14 pm

I was fortunate to acquire these recently. Thanks Tom.
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Re: July Incoming 2018

#3 Post by vintagehamiltons » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:42 am

My Palisade has a similar, but not correct bracelet.
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Tom Diss
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randy van
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Re: July Incoming 2018

#4 Post by randy van » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:04 am

Yes Jim, my YGF Palisade has a Kriesler band on it. The tri-fold clasp looks like your WGF band. I remember we discussed this a few years ago, maybe at Mark's?
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Re: July Incoming 2018

#5 Post by Frobob » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:42 am

Noticed something in a case lot that looked familiar.
Matched the blurry pictures of the engravings to a Square Cut Corner Large, in nickel (I asked the seller to transcribe what the caseback said.) Bought the lot, figure I could use it even if I was mistaken and it’s 6/0.
It arrived, yep it was 3/0. Fred hooked me up with a dial (thanks!) so now it’s just a matter of getting a 1928-ish movement and a stem. Stem’s gonna be the fun part.
This is one of two known examples of this in nickel.
Will make a full post when it’s done.

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Re: July Incoming 2018

#6 Post by tnwareagle89 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:24 am

Hamilton Khaki with date
quartz movement
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Re: July Incoming 2018

#7 Post by grumpyguy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:06 am

1962 Elgin Polarus 10K gold. 19 jewel movement. Swivel lugs. Pretty happy to add this to my collection.

See my watches here: http://grumpyguyinc.com

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