Fossil customer service story

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Fossil customer service story

#1 Post by stryfox » Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:54 pm

I just wanted to share this story as I found it interesting and fossil surprisingly impressed me.
Long story short A friend of mine had his watches stolen.
While on his honeymoon the person he trusted to feed his dogs had a party....
He was not a collector like us. He had 5 watches. One was one I gave him as a gift. His Nixon and one of his fossils are currently still available so not problem there.
One of his fossils he got as a graduation present. That watch had sentimental value to it as most of us here can understand.
It is no longer produced. It can easily be found in stainless but his was rose gold.
He contacted fossil for help. They searched all their retail outlets for him with no luck. They searched their parts inventory and have all the parts but the rose case. He found one online used with the same case his had. Fossil told him when he gets it send it to them and they will put all new parts on and in it reusing only the case they don't have. They even have a new rose bracelet and crystal for it.

He told me he was in shock that they would do this for him. He said all they said was they want their customers to be happy.
That is some impressive customer service if you ask me!
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Re: Fossil customer service story

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