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Returning NAWCC Museum

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:11 am
I am returning as a volunteer to the NAWCC Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania on 18 March for three months.
Unfortunately Gallet could not sponsor me this trip, but I decided to return on my own steam.

One of my tasks is to document and catalog and photograph the watchmaking tool collection.
It should greatly benefit the Museum’s collection records to have better descriptions (or even object names for that matter!).

That said I know between nothing and very little on watchmaking tools, so any guidance to books, articles or sites would be greatly appreciated.

I will also be doing a Webinar (free) in April, the title to be "Hermetic Wristwatches, New Discoveries in Horology Since Last Webinar and Interesting Photos of Early Wristwatch Wearers"

If anyone has any other specific subject that I believe I could cover, I would try.

Regards and thanks for any help.