Rectangular shaped Seiko Chronmeter

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Rectangular shaped Seiko Chronmeter

#1 Post by stroudart » Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:34 am

Years have passed. But regularly I check the Seiko eBay listings for a Seiko rectangular shaped Chronometer that looked early 60s.. It had a Japanese name impossible to remember. But in all of these years I have never seen another rectangular shaped Chronometer listed on eBay.. Regrettably I lost that auction not knowing what to bid. But being so unique to Seiko Chronometers, there is HOPE since all Seiko Chronometers seem to be ROUND. Maybe Ninja 01 will spot this. Anyway, we would like the name of this Seiko Chronometer. Should anyone have knowledge of this please let me know <>

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Re: Rectangular shaped Seiko Chronmeter

#2 Post by Ninja01 » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:50 pm

Not having a picture of what you are asking about, I'll just say the best I can advise you is:

1. Check out the Seiko section of my database @ ... C9JZ1fhjNE

2. If what you are looking for is something that was marked "Officially Certified Chronometer" on the dial, and possibly also "KS" (King Seiko) in a squarish case, you are likely looking for an auto-wind calibre 562x family [5621, 5625, or 5626] OR 5245, 5246, or 5256 model from late '60s or '70s rather than early '60s. There are also some hand-wind 45 movement family 36Kbph models that were certified as well.

Try this section of the database for the non-KS marked examples: ... KS-Catalog

The auto-wind KS marked ones are in another section of the same database: ... -automatic

There is an example of a 45 Chronometer further down in the Seiko section as well.

3. If instead, you are looking for something marked Chronometer without "Officially Certified" on the dial, you are likely looking for an early '60s hand-wind model, but I've not seen those in square cases.

But, there were also "Seiko" [Hattori Corp.] models from much earlier (mid-20th century) that were hand-wind & marked "Chronometer" that are found in this section. Some may have been square cased, I don't remember off-hand: ... rs-PRE1960

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