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Japanese watches on Social Media

#1 Post by Ninja01 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:06 pm

... well, FaceBook that is.

I use FB regularly & found that there are FB "groups" specializing in Japanese watches (there are 2 I belong to now; one is generic Japanese, the other specializes in Citizen). I also see there are other watch related groups & pages within FB (not specializing in Japanese product).

It's interesting ... I guess this is the "new wave" for collectors. Instead of the "traditional" forum ["traditional" at least in terms of internet history, which is still rather short in comparison to "real life" history]. I've seen a couple of the "traditional" Japanese watch forums dry up & blow away in the last year or so, but these FB-based groups are going pretty well. Of course, there is less detail presented in the groups than in many forum/blog posts. The posts do tend to conform to the typical FB post: quick, a few pics, no great depth in the text or sophistication of info imparted (usually).

One group owner does seem to use the FB group as an adjunct to his blog. Maybe a good "marketing strategy" to bring more traffic to his blog?? He'll post a "summary" type of entry in the FB group and point back to a more developed article on his blog. The other group does not appear to be connected to a blog or other website of the groups owner.

Both groups allow For Sale/Trade posts as well.

What do you think? Is this the "new paradigm" in collector communication?

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Another Seiko group ... and it's impressive

#2 Post by Ninja01 » Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:15 am

Came across another Seiko group on Facebook & this one is impressive:

"Seiko & Grand Seiko Watch fans" ...

notice it specifically mentions Grand Seiko as well!

Now, check this out:

Members 14080 :o

That is substantially larger than many of the specialist Japan watch forums I've been on in the past!

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Re: Japanese watches on Social Media

#3 Post by diveboy » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:08 pm

I'm on the vintage watches community on google plus. Jeff Sexton runs it. Mainly elgin but it caters to any vintage watches and people interested in them. He does service and repairs and posts about the repairs in the group. So you always get to see a new inbound watch, shots of it on his bench and then when they are ready to go back to the owner. He also explains why things are right and wrong and why watch makers do things in set ways. Very informative group.

I would say it son par with forums but just like forums, if you don't get the right mix of people, they fizzle.

Might have to login to Facebook and join them. I keep eyeing off the Grand and King Seiko but just not willing to commit to one yet.
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