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Seiko Auto - Roman Numeral Day of Week

#1 Post by JerseyMo » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:44 pm

I've seen the day of the week shown in both English and other langues many times. But, never in English and Roman Numerals. Anyone seen this on other makers?
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Re: Roman Numeral Day of Week

#2 Post by Ninja01 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:43 pm

Yes indeed, Seiko collectors know of the Roman "alternate" day wheels on certain movement calibres & they were quite common. English was always the primary language and then there was a choice of secondary languages (or the Romans) depending on which market the watch was sold in.

The other obvious candidate is Citizen. I don't know for sure if Romans were used, but the 8100 & 8110 chronograph calibres did indeed have the dual day language feature just like Seiko. In a company document, the "Numerals" 2nd language is specifically mentioned, but they don't say which kind of numerals. However, Sweephand (in a response to a question) specifically notes "Romans" next to the Numerals option. Check out this article:

Citizen had other calendar calibres where a "dual language" day wheel was used ... however it displayed both simultaneously & I have seen some where the Arabic numeral was used as the alternate to English. For example "TUE 2" shows in the Day window.

Ricoh also used that 2nd technique (simultaneous display) on some models, again with Arabics, like "4 THU". I've not seen Romans on Ricoh examples, but not sure if that means Romans were NEVER used or if I just haven't seen all possible combinations.

Orient: I know of some models that also used the simultaneous display of 2 languages (Ultramatic Fineness 35j is one example). In some cases they show Arabic numerals as the alternate ["FRI 5"], but I've not seen Romans.

I'd send you to this database for the pictures: ... C9JZ1fhjNE

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Re: Seiko Auto - Roman Numeral Day of Week

#3 Post by HamiltonIllinois » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:12 pm

I normally resist commenting on things I'm actively least until after I've acquired my fill, but Seiko is known to have the following languages, along with English, on applicable models of their day of the week disks:

الأحد or يوم الأحد - Sunday
الإثنين or يوم الإثنين - Monday
الثُّلَاثاء or يوم الثُّلَاثاء -Tuesday
الأَرْبعاء or يوم الأَرْبعاء - Wednesday
الخَمِيس or يوم الخَمِيس - Thursday
الجُمْعَة or يوم الجُمْعَة – Friday (IN RED)
السَّبْت or يوم السَّبْت - Saturday

日 or 星期日 or 礼拜日 or 周日 or 星期天 or 礼拜天 - Sunday
一 or 星期一 or 礼拜一 or 周一 - Monday
二 or 星期二 or 礼拜二 or 周二 - Tuesday
三 or 星期三 or 礼拜三 or 周三 - Wednesday
四 or 星期四 or 礼拜四 or 周四 - Thursday
五 or 星期五 or 礼拜五 or 周五 - Friday
六 or 星期六 or 礼拜六 or 周六 - Saturday

MA or Maandag - Monday
DI or Dinsdag - Tuesday
WO or Woensdag - Wednesday
DO or Donderdag - Thursday
VR or Vrijdag - Friday
ZA or Zaterdag - Saturday
ZO or Zondag - Sunday

SUN or Sunnuntai - Sunday
MAA or Maanantai - Monday
TII or Tiistai - Tuesday
KES or Keskiviikko - Wednesday
TOR or Torstai - Thursday
PER or Perjantai - Friday
LAU or Lauantai - Saturday

DIM or Dimanche - Sunday
LUN or Lundi - Monday
MAR or Mardi - Tuesday
MER or Mercredi - Wednesday
JEU or Jeudi - Thursday
VEN or Vendredi - Friday
SAM or Samedi - Saturday

SON or Sonntag - Sunday
MON or Montag - Monday
DIE or Dienstag- Tuesday
MIT or Mittwoch - Wednesday
DON or Donnerstag - Thursday
FRE or Freitag - Friday
SAM or Samstag - Saturday

रवि or रविवार - Sunday
सोम or सोमवार - Monday
मंगल or मंगलवार - Tuesday
बुध or बुधवार - Wednesday
गुरू or गुरुवार - ThursDay
शुक्र or शुक्रवार - Friday
शनि or शनिवार - Saturday

DOM or Domenica - Sunday
LUN or Lunedì - Monday
MAR or Martedì - Tuesday
MER or Mercoledì - Wednesday
GIO or Giovedì - Thursday
VEN or Venerdì - Friday
SAB or Sabato - Saturday

日 or 日曜日 or にちようび – Sunday (OR BLANK in English spot, oddly))
月 or 月曜日 or げつようび - Monday
火 or 火曜日 or かようび - Tuesday
水 or 水曜日 or すいようび - Wednesday
木 or 木曜日 or もくようび - Thursday
金 or 金曜日 or きんようび - Friday
土 or 土曜日 or どようび - Saturday

DOM or Domingo - Sunday
SEG or Segunda-feira - Monday
TER or Terça-feira - Tuesday
QUA or Quarta-feira - Wednesday
QUI or Quinta-feira - Thursday
SEX or Sexta-feira - Friday
SAB or Sábado - Saturday

I - Monday
II - Tuesday
III - Wednesday
IV - Thursday
V - Friday
VI - Saturday
VII or Red Square - Sunday

ВСК or Воскресенье - Sunday
ПНД or Понедельник - Monday
ВТР or Вторник - Tuesday
СРД or Среда- Wednesday
ЧТВ or Четверг - Thursday
ПТН or Пятница - Friday
СБТ or Суббота - Saturday

DOM or Domingo - Sunday
LUN or Lunes - Monday
MAR or Martes - Tuesday
MIE or Miércoles - Wednesday
JUE or Jueves - Thursday
VIE or Viernes - Friday
SAB or Sábado - Saturday

อา or วันอาทิตย์ - Sunday
จั or วันจันทร์ - Monday
อั or วันอังคาร - Tuesday
พุ or วันพุธ - Wednesday
พฤ or วันพฤหัสบดี - Thursday
ศุ or วันศุกร์ - Friday
ส or วันเสาร์ - Saturday
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Re: Seiko Auto - Roman Numeral Day of Week

#4 Post by JerseyMo » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:44 am

thanks for the follow up.
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