Seiko "Chariot" caliber 2220

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Seiko "Chariot" caliber 2220

#1 Post by Namespetra » Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:11 pm

I recently acquired this watch (my first Seiko) and I'd like to learn more about it. I've uncovered a few things online but am hoping other members may have some first hand experience with this type of watch.

It is a slim dress watch with a fast-beat (28800 bph) caliber 2220 Japanese movement. The 24 jeweled movement has a serial number (not sure if this represents anything) and is marked 2220A. What does the "A" signify?

The watch has a NOS 18mm lizard strap that is signed "Seiko" on the band and the buckle. The watch keeps excellent time and the lightly textured dial is a pleasure for the eyes.

My research reveals that this Seiko was manufactured at the Daini factory in August, 1973 and that this series style was advertised as the "Chariot."

That's all I have. Is there anything else to be said about this watch? I must admit, as one who favors American made watches, I do like this Japanese beauty.
Seiko Chariot
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Caliber 2220
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NOS lizard strap
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Seiko buckle
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Re: Seiko "Chariot" caliber 2220

#2 Post by Tank » Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:49 pm

I'm afraid I don't have any information on your watch, but I will say that is
one good looking watch.

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Re: Seiko "Chariot" caliber 2220

#3 Post by Dave » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:53 pm

Love that linen dial. 8-)

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Re: 2220A

#4 Post by Ninja01 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:45 pm

Hi! OK, I'll give you some info & point you to some database entries that will give you more perspective:

1. The "A" in the calibre# of the movement usually just designates that it was the 1st "rev" of the movement. Things like the 6119 had "A" thru "C". Sometimes, the different "revs" had internal mechanical differences (like a different kind of balance adjuster) and sometimes they had functional differences (like single-language day wheels vs. dual-language or a different method of doing quickset).

The movement table I have shows 2220 only having an "A" rev or variant. It seems to have been introduced in 1970.

2. The movement serial# was used only on some calibres produced by Seiko. There seems to be no "date coding" significance in the number used. Generally a serial# was only put on "better quality" calibres, but I don't see any strict "rule" on this.

However, the movement table shows that these came in 2 jewel variants: 24 and 17 (and I have an example of 17j in my own photo database). Yours has 24j & is much better "finished" than the 17j variant. In the photo of the 17j variant that I have, there is NO serial# on the movement plates!

The case-back does show a serial# that can be used to date production of the watch itself, as you have found out already.

3. The case-back also shows you the case material. In this case, "SGP" is the code indicating the case-top is "Seiko Gold-Colored Plating" while the back is shown as stainless. See the materials list document at: ... OxCT7jYXIU

4. The database has a 2220-0180 without "Chariot" badging on the dial: ... Ow8lLjYXIU

another section of the database has a "Chariot" ad scan, but supposedly not using the 2220A: ... Ow_i7jYXIU

interesting to note that those examples shown also have no "Chariot" badging on the dial. I actually have not seen any specific indication tying 2220A to "Chariot" models though.

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Re: Seiko "Chariot" caliber 2220

#5 Post by Namespetra » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:19 pm

Thanks, Ninja01, for such a thorough response. You have provided some clarity to my inquiries. Although I do not know much about Seiko watch movements, I must admit that I am impressed with the quality of this 2220.
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