My wife's collection.

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Re: My wife's collection.

#21 Post by Dave » Fri May 12, 2017 11:27 pm

Just an update to my wife's collection. Here is a Hamilton lady's quartz.


She picked out this 47mm Hamilton Pilot's Automatic that fits her small wrist surprisingly well.


And she snagged my 36mm Explorer.


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Re: My wife's collection.

#22 Post by salleh » Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:52 am

....WHile I applaud her idea of having her own collection ......I can't help but see those what I call "ladies tiny watches" pieces for my tiny dial bracelets ....drool.....not the world's biggest fans of those as watches ..... ladies watches from about 1900 to the early 30s !! now we're talking !! since she likes your watches from the 30s....have you shown her the gorgeous art deco watches from the 20s and 30s ?? .....some of the most beautiful dials and cases I've ever seen they're a bit larger ( like twice the size, which still isn't huge as those 30s to 60s watches ARE REALLY TINY !) and have a much more individual look to them ....who doesn't love Art Deco ??? and since she already loves YOUR 30s watches .....she may be surprised to find out that laides 30s watches are even more gorgeous than the men's ! srsly ...go check them out on guessed it ! ebay !....just trying to start trouble ....a little bit .....

Srsly, I don't mean to sound dismissive .....but if she gets her watches from antique stores and the like ...they're not gonna have the selection of older wristwatches that ebay does.....and the Tiny Watches were made for about twice a long as the deco watches there's a lot more of them around not to worry, those art deco watches are often just as hard to read as the Tiny watches a design rule of thumb with them, they're about twice as long as they are wide, and they have teeny tiny hands it's a challence to figure out which number those tiny hands are pointing to ....and those cases ! .....the fancier ones often have diamonds and emeralds, and many have enameling .....
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