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Trying to nail down maker and date..

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 5:00 am
by dcthomson123
Hi gang.

Glad to be part for this forum. I wonder if anybody can help ? I'm trying to get some more information on this trench/officers piece that i purchased for £100 on ebay.. Nice little watch, keeps good time and i love how it looks on the replica strap that I've put it on..

I'm really struggling to identify the maker and date, though. The seller advertised it as a "Marvin" but i cannot find any evidence of this. Also, the silver hallmarks shown here clear show that the watch was stamped in Glasgow, Scotland (James Wier being the Sponsor). However, the date mark is unclear to me (if, indeed, there is one).

I'm used to seeing date marks beneath the sponsors/city marks and there is not one here. The mark on the right hand side is strange.. It looks like an "o" with a horizantal line going through it.. If this is a date mark and its an "o" then that would indicate 1911 from Glasgow.. If it's an "O" then that would indicate 1937 from Glasgow.

Can anybody help with Maker/Date here (or any other information that might help me) ?