Bessa Prestige... French Foreign Legion?

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Bessa Prestige... French Foreign Legion?

#1 Post by kerrod » Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:08 am

Hi I was wondering if I may get some advice or information on a watch which I have acquired. I was told when I purchased it that it was a military issue dive watch for an officer in the French Foreign Legion 40 Years ago. The watch has the Legion logo on the face and the second hand has a logo which appears to represent the division he was in (a paratroop division). I am really not particularly familiar with the FFL but loved the story and thought the watch looked authentic. I took it to TAG here in Australia who confirmed that there was a relationship between TAG and Bessa watches around that time but were unaware of a military issue watch. They had someone there check it out for authenticity and I was told that there was nothing about the watch to suggest that it was not genuine. It needs to be wound but is in perfect working order and apart from a few minor scratches on the face it is in good condition. While I rarely wear the watch I am very interested in the story that it comes with and would appreciate any advice on its origins etc.
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