What can you tell me about Benrus DTU 2/AP Mil-W-3818B?

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What can you tell me about Benrus DTU 2/AP Mil-W-3818B?

#1 Post by vsanzbajo » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:04 pm

A very good friend of mine has this Benrus that his Dad wore in Vietnam. It is the real deal, but he does not know much about the watch. It has different hands from all the ones we see in the Internet. Are they original?
What else do you see? Any experts out there.
It keeps excellent time, and looks good.
Unfortunately his Dad died long a go and he does not know what the history of the watch is.

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Re: What can you tell me about Benrus DTU 2/AP Mil-W-3818B?

#2 Post by cj415 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:02 pm

From the one pic, it does look good. The hands, including the second hand, have been replaced. Sourcing original hands is possible, or finding a broken donor watch might be the way to go.

The movement should be a Benrus DR2F2 movement with is a hacking 17j movement. The movement is accessed through the front crystal. If the mainspring is still in good shape, the watch should run for about 40 hours between windings.

The crown looks a bit narrow to me, so it may also be an aftermarket one. The easiest way to tell is to see if there is a small "-" notched into the crown. If there is, then it is original (Benrus did this on their mil spec watches, but Hamilton did not).

The dial looks right. There is the small Swiss marker at the bottom, and even though I don't see it, there should be a small "T" for tritium above the 12 o'clock marker.

This watch was part of a series of US military watches that also includes a Benrus GG-W-113, a Hamilton GG-W-113 as well as MIL-W-46347 spec watches. Benrus also came out with a plastic "non-maintainable" watch around the same time that used a Belforte 7j non-hacking movement.

Overall, one of my favorite watches. The command about $100-200 (and up to $300 if truly pristine). Some dates seem to be more valuable than others.

Nice piece... and it would be great if the correct hands were put back on!


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