Waltham 888ss with Pulsations Dial, 1940.

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Waltham 888ss with Pulsations Dial, 1940.

#1 Post by 441victor » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:25 pm

Time to perk up the Waltham Forum. Here’s a special Waltham wristwatch made just for physicians. It meets all the criteria for being a “doctor’s Watch”. It has a sweep second movement combined with a dial marked especially for taking a patient’s pulse rate.


The dial appears in the Waltham Materials Catalog in a special section containing the grade 870 sweep seconds parts and is numbered 8018. The outside register of the dial has the printed instructions “Count 30 Pulsations” and has a starting hack for the seconds hand. After that is a range of marks counting down from 200 to 40. This allows a doctor to concentrate on counting pulses at the patient’s wrist starting as the seconds hand passes the hack mark. The pulse rate corresponds to the number nearest hand at the 30th pulse. Everything here looks and feels original. The only thing missing is the double ended sweep second hand that keeps you from having to only wait 30 sec. before starting your count. I’ll need to scour the material supply houses to maybe find one.


The movement is from 1940 and is a standard 18j sweep second version of the 8 3/4 ligne movement. Grade 888SS.


The watch is a fairly plain Waltham Premier with a Pioneer 10kgf snap back case. It’s in fine shape with just a few points of wear through.


This is piece that occupies one of the top spots in my Waltham collection.


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Re: Waltham 888ss with Pulsations Dial, 1940.

#2 Post by Findingtime » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:15 am


Cool watch! Thanks for posting it!

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