Waltham 6/0-C L&K 14k model from 1945.

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Waltham 6/0-C L&K 14k model from 1945.

#1 Post by 441victor » Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:26 pm

Here’s my latest Waltham arrival. It represents the top of the line offerings to the public right after the end of the war as Waltham and other companies were transitioning to civilian production again. Like the automobile industry, it took the watch makers some time to start offering new and exciting models to the American public. This watch is just a prewar design with a new grill and trim.


I’ve done a little restoration work to get it ready for its debut. The dial it came with was a reprint judging from the thick lines and unrefined colors. I had a parts movement that was obviously from a victim of some gold for cash scheme so transferring the dial was an easy decision. Although it has suffered some damage over the years, it has a much better look. The hands replaced the tarnished ones that came in the mail.


The serial number of the movement dates it to 1945. The Grey Book listings get a little unreliable during this period and the production run is actually listed as the 17j 6/0-42 hacking model used in the A-11. It doesn’t show the 6/0-C as being put into production until over a year later. So it's not clear if this 21j 6/0-C movement was actually surplus military material or from an early unrecorded run of the C variant.


The case with its chunky lugs was made by Lutringer & Kammerer from solid 14k gold. It looks very similar to the Star W.C.Co. gold filled cases used for several Jewel Series sub-second and center second models. I don't see this model advertised before the war and I haven’t come up with any examples of ads from '45 or '46. It's not present in any of the color magazine ad campaigns that Waltham started up in 1947 so I’m assuming it had a short production run. L&K cases first appear in the American market after the war. They had a New York City address and produce cases for Waltham, Elgin and Hamilton. Before the war they were apparently associated with the Swiss and European manufacturers.


With only one other example seen in my years of ebay searches plus the smelted one I rescued the parts from this is another unusual Waltham model in my collection.


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Re: Waltham 6/0-C L&K 14k model from 1945.

#2 Post by JerryT » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:59 pm

That is a lovely and interesting model. It looked a little familiar to me and, sure enough, I have a LeCoultre in a similar L&K case (but only 10K gold-filled).

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