Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

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Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

#1 Post by 441victor » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:34 pm

I’m working on an updated post showing the Waltham grade 1942 models. I’ve acquired more examples and learned many details since the first attempt I made on WTF. I also bought a copy of the 1958 Waltham Watch and Clock Material list and have been mining it for information.

Here is my list of the 17 different 1942 movements. The model designations are kind of scattered and the formatting here sucks. The first column is based on the main designation in the material list and the markings on the watch movements (6/0 '42). Second shows the jewels. The third column is the model used in the NAWCC serial number database (10609). After that are other discriptions used by Waltham.

6/0 ’42* 9j 10609
6/0 ’42 16j 10616 Center Second
6/0 ’42 17j 10617 (Not mentioned in material list.)

6/0 – B-SS 16j 10616 Center Second
6/0 – B 17j 10617

6/0 – C 16j ??? Center Second (Not mentioned in material list.)
6/0 – C* 17j 617 Regular
6/0 – C 17j 617SS Center Second
6/0 – C 21j 621 Regular
6/0 – C 21j 621SS Center Second
6/0 – C 21j 621SR Shock Resistant Center Second (Not mentioned in material list.)
6/0 – C 21j 621SS Calendar Center Second

6/0 – D 17j A-17 Military Center Second
6/0 – D* 17j 617 Regular
6/0 – D 17j 617SR Shock Resistant Center Second
6/0 – D 21j 621SR Shock Resistant
6/0 – D* 21j 621SR Shock Resistant Center Second

The movements that are not mentioned in the materials list are confirmed by the train bridge markings except for the 6/0-C with the shock resistant balance jeweling which might have a swapped balance assembly or a train bridge. A look at the dial side will tell if it’s genuine. I currently have 13 of the 17 models. (* If anyone has an example of these four movements they would like to part with please PM me.) I believe this list is complete but there is always room for more variations not in the Waltham material list. Anyone having corrections or additions please post. I was looking on our member list for JerryT who helped me greatly with his input to my original WTF post. Does anyone know Jerry or is anyone able to contact him and invite him to the VWF?

Thanks, Joel

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Re: Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

#2 Post by GeneJockey » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:09 am

Sounds like a cool project, Joel! Can't wait to see the results.

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Re: Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

#3 Post by SeanO » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:25 pm


to ask a stupid question... where does the 870 fit here? or doesn't it?

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Re: Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

#4 Post by 441victor » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:32 pm

Sean, not a stupid question, especially when it lets me to explain my project a little better. Since an early acquisition of a Waltham with a hacking 6/0 movement, I have been focused on the model 1942.
Waltham 6-0 Sweep Second.jpg
Waltham 6-0 Sweep Second.jpg (32.25 KiB) Viewed 4187 times
This article is an attempt to compile all of the info I've collected from documents, internet links and my movements and put it down to share with others. Waltham has been producing 6/0 movements since before the turn of the century. Like Hamilton and Illinois, many of their early strap watches had 6/0 size movement. In the middle 30's, I believe Waltham responded to the popularity of narrow curved watches and introduced their much smaller 8.75L round movement the model 870 in 9, 17 and 21j grades. These are very interesting movements and include one grade with a jeweled main wheel (see my post ... =35&t=1054). The 870 was also sold to the US Ordinance Department judging by the auctions of a dealer from the Netherlands.

Image ... 53eab26f57

In the early 40's the production of the 870 stopped when Waltham introduced their model 750 barrel shaped movement.
870's are never plentiful on Ebay. Maybe 1-2 per month. I've only managed to win 2 watches, the hidden lug model and a rose gold Oberlin, and a couple of parts movements. I need to do a lot more research and see more examples before I can say much more. As an example of the difficulty involved, the 1958 material list doesn't even mention a 9j grade and only a couple of the parts are noted for the early 21j but the jeweled main wheel is not specifically mentioned. Representing the 870 will be a much harder task for a later date. Joel

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Re: Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

#5 Post by duffhessian1776 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:52 am

Just ran across this post - I realize it is old - and it led me to join this forum.
I have a question for Joel or anyone else who may know........
I just came into possession of a Waltham '42 6/0 17j which was made for the Russian War Relief (and so inscribed on the case back). Can you shine some light on this particular Waltham?
Also, I need a mainspring and balance staff for it. Can anyone direct me to a source?
BTW, Joel I am about 45 miles due east of your position.

Thanks to any and all who are willing to respond.

Would submit photos, but don't know how

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Re: Compiling a list of Waltham 6/0 movement models.

#6 Post by 441victor » Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:23 pm

Welcome to the forum David. This is indeed one of my first posts on VWF. Walthams have been a favorite of mine since I started collecting vintage watches. Finding factual material is much more of a challenge than for Elgins and Hamiltons. I am aware of the Waltham A-11s made for Lend/Lease program and sent to the Soviet but have not researched them. There is an example that has been offered on ebay for quite a while as well a at least one other sales site. I can't verify it's authenticity or the story the seller tells. The watch looks real to me and matches the features of the Waltham A-11s that I have acquired. It will take more effort to dig up corroborating data from the internet and other sources. A quick Google search turns up very little information which is the typical result of most of my Waltham inquiries. I can help you though with a link that has a description of how to attach images to your posts. ... mit#p81945

The members here always love pictures. A lot of my old posts are useless as research material because the greed of my old hosting site ImageShack resulted in the loss of my images. Ebay has several sources for military surplus balance parts. Even complete balances are available. The packaging is good enough to preserve parts from that period in NOS condition. Staffs and hairsprings are common across the family from the 6/0 '42 to the 6/0-C movements so you can get your Waltham back in service. Good luck with your research and stick around, there is a lot to be learned here on VWF. A few more posts will allow you to send messages to other members and we will be able to get in touch. Joel

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