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Please help me identify my inherited pocketwatch
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Author:  Mr Klang [ Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Please help me identify my inherited pocketwatch

Hello everbody, Magnus from Sweden here looking for some help!
I found this forum when I googled around for information about this pocketwatch I inherited from my grandfather, and after spending some time in this forum you really look competent for helping me out! :-) - (Please sorry for my sometimes bad english)

This watch has been in our family since 1917 when my Grandfathers father got it as a gift from his (My grandfathers grandfather).
Anyway, here is what I can see and find after googling around:

All pictures on this link on -->

Inside both the lids to the outer watch case there is the following stamps (except the personal engravings (messages))
*Squirrel - It is what I guess a swiss stamp for 14K gold
*14K - 14K gold
*104152 - Serialnumber?

Clockwork lid (cuvette?) inside there is the following stamps:
*104152 - Serialnumber?
*Metal - Cuivre? (swiss/french for copper?)

Clockwork lid (cuvette?) outside there is the following stamps:
* Ancre de precision
* Levees visible
* 6 different stamps - I guess this is where you guys really can solve it?
* 15 Rubins
* Balancier Compense
* artistic mark or a little divider mark?
* ODIN - No idea!

On the clockwork I find the following stamps
*Depose - no idea
*104128 - Serialnumber? Not the same as on the outer case

On the front there is a monogram engraved "HF" which stands for "Henry Friberg", My grandfathers father.
The size is 50mm in diameter.

I wear it at weddings etc. and it works perfect :-)

Looking forward to your answer and expertise!
Kind regards

Author:  mrtoad [ Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help me identify my inherited pocketwatch

Nice watch!

I'm not a specialist in European watches, but I can interpret what some of the markings imply.

The outer case would appear to be 14K gold, with the inner dust cover or cuvete in brass. The serial numbers on the case parts (104152) match, which is to be expected, and they are different from the serial (104128) of the movement, which is also expected.

Most of the markings on the dust cover describe the watch movement. "Ancre de precision" refers to the anchor-shaped escapement lever, visible under the balance wheel. "Balancier compensé" means that the balance wheel is compensated for temperature: it is split, and the arcs of the perimeter are laminated in two different metals, like a bimetallic thermostat. "15 rubins" is the count of ruby jewels in the bearings and on the lever (not all can be seen without taking the watch apart). The row of medals is to suggest that the watch manufacturer has won this many prizes at exhibitions; I can't tell what they are. As for "Odin", I suspect it's a brand name or model, after the Norse god Oðin.

This looks like a good-quality movement; congratulations on inheriting it!

Author:  Mr Klang [ Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help me identify my inherited pocketwatch

Thank you mrToad!

I´ve been searching around for "Odin" and I find a lot of it but not so much about watches. :roll:
Can you guess any country of origin? swiss?
Do you know where I can find a info about the exhibitions and info about the medals?

BR Magnus

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