Hello! and my first pocket watch

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Hello! and my first pocket watch

#1 Post by zpavao » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:27 pm

Hello all! I'm excited to join your community!

I got my first decent pocket watch today and i am really excited!

It's a used Elgin Grade 315, so maybe not much to write home about, but I really love it so far and I think I've been bitten by the watch bug. Already Im looking at things i want in my next pocket watch.

Being absolutely new to this, I have a few questions.

1. I got the watch without a chain, so, any great advice on where to get chains and how to choose the right one?
(I currently have it on the chain from my junk "test" watch, so i'm not carrying without a chain)

2. Am i correct in assuming a full hunter case would be highly prudent for an edc watch (as a warehouse worker, dad, and martial artist)?

3. Any great watch buying tips to help a poor new guy avoid any common mistakes? E.g. best places to search, best brands? Brands or styles to avoid?
(Compared to s seasoned collector I have basically no experience or budget yet, but im hoping with your wisdom and guidance i'll get there none the worse for wear.)

Thanks in advance and thank you for the bits i've already picked up from lurking the past few days!
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