Unsigned Mechanism from Antique Shop... What is it?

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Unsigned Mechanism from Antique Shop... What is it?

#1 Post by NJenkins13 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:37 am

I'm new to vintage watches (as of today), and just brought an unsigned watch impulsively from an Antique shop, for 50p (I thought it seemed a good deal!). The mechanism functions perfectly well, and I think works from spinning movement (automatic). I can't work out if it needs a key to adjust the time, or if the crown has snapped off - it's difficult to see inside the hole.

The only text on the entire item if 'Fast' and 'Slow' written in a serif font to adjust the speed. There appears to be a 'two-tone' wave pattern on the middle of the face, which alternates between 'spiky' peaks and sooth waves (very small). In the seconds dial, I think the letter 'A' may be printed at the bottom, and other letters may have been printed around the dial, where much of the details have rubbed off.

I know nothing of the origins of the watch - it's possible it's missing pieces that show a brand/ name - the face is metal, possibly silver or brass.

Can anyone help me work out what this is?! Pictures attached.
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Re: Unsigned Mechanism from Antique Shop... What is it?

#2 Post by JerseyMo » Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:36 pm

well it is not an automatic. likely a very generic Swiss made stem wind and set pocket watch movement. for what amounts to about 64 cents US I may have bought it to just to have on hand.
would be a good movement to practice taking apart and putting back together.
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Re: Unsigned Mechanism from Antique Shop... What is it?

#3 Post by 441victor » Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:03 pm

Most likely you are simply missing the stem and crown which would fit into the hole in the side of your movement. It is possible to wind the mainspring by pushing the large gear around using a wooden skewer or something plastic against the teeth. Something non-metal so you don't scratch anything. If you meet resistance right away, it is fully wound already and too gummed up to run under its own power. Past that experiment, as Mo suggests, you can choose to follow the path many here have taken and learn how a watch works by using this one as a victim. There are posts here on different forums that talk about getting started and what a beginner will need as far as tools. Just use the search function. After some reading, ask more questions. From here it is all about your tolerance for fun and frustration. Enjoy, Joel

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