hi everyone new to the group

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hi everyone new to the group

#1 Post by wesson1993 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:23 pm

hey everyone new to the group. i live in a small town so i figure joining a forum would be better then playing goose chase. i have a watch that i need a little info on, bought it about a year ago in a lot of pocket watches, and did a little looking in to it but not getting my full answers so maybe i can get help here. ok so its a henry kohn and sons found that it was a diamond jeweler and a watch maker who started a business and sold them on main st. in Hartford Connecticut in the 1890's. so my question is parts availability and the worth of the watch, ( adjusted 17 jewels) good balance pinion but missing wind up gear and pawl. i tried to get photos up but having a hard time.

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