Gruen Verithin Pocket Watch - date?

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Re: Gruen Verithin Pocket Watch - date?

#11 Post by JackW » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:14 am

Longines movement # dating is not perfect but is accurate enough to give you ballpark figure.
Are you aware that you can write/email Longines and they'll look up the watch in their ledgers. Those I think are pretty precise. Something that has gone missing for Gruen. I'm also pleased to see that the Wadsworth serials are being helpful to this rather interesting discussion.

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Re: Gruen Verithin Pocket Watch - date?

#12 Post by afire » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:28 pm

I realizing I'm stating the obvious, but even if that movement dates closer to to 1934, that certainly doesn't mean the case does. I'd be shocked if that case wasn't made considerably earlier than that, and closer to the date of the Longines that SFC posted.

Another wildcard with Gruen is that I don't think anybody really has any clue what their intentions were with some of these elaborate cases. Just looking at the circa late '20s to mid '30s Import section of the Master Book, there are probably well over 50, maybe over 75 extremely elaborate wristwatch cases, and many more plainer models that I've never seen in nearly 20 years of stalking them, and I've seen others that weren't in the Master Book at all, so it's anybody's guess how many of these one-off or extremely low production cases were actually made. Only a handful of the more conservative Import designs ever show up in the marketing materials that still exist. I guess anything's possible, but it seems unlikely that each of these wild designs was produced as the result of a specific customer request.

So how and why were these cases ordered? Were they immediately fitted with a movement and put up for sale? Did they sit in inventory, possibly for years, before a need arose leading to significant discrepancies between case and movement production dates? The lack of concrete facts around these custom/one-off/limited production models certainly doesn't make it any easier to date them.
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Re: Gruen Verithin Pocket Watch - date?

#13 Post by SFC » Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:23 pm

Just to add to the confusion :lol: . I actually own one of the Swiss pentagons that was posted. It has an engraving I had not researched.
The UV number is 557,438 a bit higher than the original watch posted
I looked into the golf tournament..their website shows that the tournament started in 1925 and that J.L. Bumgardner won the tourney in 1927.
It very well could be his victory watch from 1927 but since the engraving only praises the man for sportsmanship you can't know 100% ... story.aspx

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Re: Gruen Verithin Pocket Watch - date?

#14 Post by thojil » Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:00 am

That's exactly what is making Gruen so exiting ;)

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