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Gruen Interchangeability Tool + Gruen Movement Families

#1 Post by MikeTheWatchGuy » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:37 am

I'm getting closer to deploying a Gruen parts interchangeability tool.

At the moment, I have the database complete! That's the "hard part" right? Well, maybe not so much.

I'm debating exactly how to present it. There are a couple of ways and I'm thinking BOTH is the right answer :-)

In one instance the tool can be used to find a specific PART, in the other, it's dump of all the parts and their base models.

The question is how many of my visitors are looking to find what Stems fit a caliber 500 movement? "Not many" is probably the answer, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't build this thing just the same.

I also have loads of images completed that must be added to a user interface somewhere. These are the Thumbprints I had posted about before as well as photos and illustrations of movement, all meant to aid collectors find the correct Caliber Number.

I used Tableau to create what I think is the beginning of the Gruen Movement Family Tree. I used a handful of critical parts like balance staff, stem, mainspring, balance complete, and then I found all of the movements that have a common BASE CALIBER.

For example, the Caliber 405 is the Base caliber for a large number of parts like Stems, Mainsprings, etc. The question is, what are all the movements that use caliber 405 parts. I found those answers and as a result, think I have found the families.

Here's the results of my data mining:
Gruen Interchangeability Families .png
Gruen Interchangeability Families .png (514.41 KiB) Viewed 473 times
I think that these groups of movements can be listed together as being part of the same Family of movements. The list will be compacted dowa a bit further so that there are not so many families.

Looking ahead, over the following weeks I have a number of tools I'll be deploying.....

The tools I have yet to build but want to include:
1) Movement finder - Choose the SHAPE of your movement and rough size and a series of thumbrints and movement images will be shown that may match your movement
2) Movement catalog - the COMPLETE catalog of all Gruen movements.... this is an extension of what has been started already. Many more pages yet to be created
3) Parts Interchangeability Finder - Enter the caliber and part and this tool will tell you not just the base caliber (which will be printed on the parts envelopes), but will also list all of the OTHER MOVEMENTS that share the same base caliber. This enables you to use Donor movements, not just new parts envelopes
4) Displaying the movement families in a visually useway way. I want to explore the many different methods possible to show these Gruen movements (see #2)
5) The Gruen Research Repository - A place for users to enter their watch information that will then be rolled into the massive database of Gruen information that's already been collected. It's a way for other researchers to obtain datasets to work with. There will have to be a review of data going into the database which will slow things a little

I'M OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS for other ways the site can be useful for collectors.


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