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Gruen Women's Watch Identifying

#1 Post by DavidSearching » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:05 pm

Hi, my dad recently purchased this watch for my mother for her birthday. He was curious as to what model this watch was as he just knew about the brand and liked some of their watches. He also just thinks that some history on the watch would be interesting to know. Any help in identifying this watch or any comments in general would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

On the back of the watch it only says:

On the strap it says:
1/20 - 12K G.F

It also says in smaller engraving on the strap:
PAT 2.215.527
PAT 2.126.236
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Re: Gruen Women's Watch Identifying

#2 Post by Barney Green » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:35 pm

Hi David,

welcome to the Gruen forum!
Hmm, your dad purchased a gents watch for your moms birthday. Hope, she will like it too!
At least I do, I like the pink gold watches from the early 40s. That is what the watch appears to be. It will be difficult to help you IDing the watch without some more information which you would be able to procide if you feel able to open the back of the watch.
There are probably 10,000 different Gruen models around, so just from the look it will be wild guessing. There are a couple of numbers inside the watch which could be helpful.If you could provide us with photos of the inside of the back and the movement, I trust that we could ID the watch.
I think I have seen such a watch once, Timeliz has one of those as fas as I remember. Should be a Strap 475 from my memory, the base of the case is made of sterling silver because during that time there was no base metal for watch cases allowed. She showed in in another forum wearing it, so it does fit a ladies wrist!

But this is wild guessing, Timeliz could probably confirm if you provide the photos / numbers.
BTW,it does not say WICK at the outside of the back, the "W" is the case makers Logo for Wadsworth and the following is 10K and belongs to the gold plating.


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