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Re: Question For Other Elgin Fans!

#11 Post by GeneJockey » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:04 am

Nookster wrote:
You're way off. It's not anyone's business what you want to buy and you don't need to point out what you are buying to anyone, nor help anyone if you choose not to.
Oh, trust me, I remain silent as the grave on watches I'm planning to bid on. The less interest by others, the better. I've scored a couple nice ones by being the only guy who knew what they were.

I was more talking i terms of letting others know about watches that I won't be bidding on, but which might be of interest to others. Thinking further, though, it's probably best kept to PMs with other members, who would also prefer nobody else know what it is, either.

In the unlikely event that I ever sell one of my watches, I'll bang the gong for it here, loud and long! :lol:
If others want to call out a Franken, it's funny and makes for good conversation. Some of those Frankens end up having great parts for not a lot of money.
I've done that a couple times, most notably a Lord Elgin "Ultra rare White Knight" that keeps popping up , but which is, in fact, a bad redial - the seconds track is completely wrong for the 'Knight' series, and the 'Lord Elgin ' is the wrong font. I think this sort of warning does the collector community good, and prevents rewarding bad behavior.

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Re: Question For Other Elgin Fans!

#12 Post by trim » Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:39 pm

GeneJockey wrote: I remain silent as the grave on watches I'm planning to bid on.
An admittedly selective quote here, but...


...for this. You kids get off my lawn!

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