Elgin States model 679 Grade 428 15j from 1925.

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Re: Elgin States model 679 Grade 428 15j from 1925.

#11 Post by 441victor » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:50 pm

Thanks for the ID. Today I discovered a couple of things about the Kreisler band. I've been wearing it on my solid gold Waltham which is just a little longer so I can just manage to get it latched around my wrist. Looking at it in sunlight it's actually green gold, distinctly different from the yellow gold of the case.


It's not so noticeable in photos or under fluorescent lights. That would make it a better match to the Elgin if I could just find some extra links. The other thing I found was the end links unclip and are very easy to remove in order to change the length. No taking pliers and bending the connecting pieces open and closed again.


The search is on for another band or additional link pieces. I feel just like GreenBayStamps, Joel

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