Cases made by Elgin

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Cases made by Elgin

#1 Post by diveboy » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:26 pm

theres this rumor that Elgin never made any cases, like a lot of rumors about Elgin, just haven't been researched by people that care enough.


Elgin made a limited run of grade 59 7j 17s movements , these are unmarked or marked as Avery, Leader
Image and from other's research was intended for the English market. due to it being an odd size, guess the had no choice but to make a case for it or have a case made for it.


as to numbers, I haven't seen a case stamped over 3 digits.
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Re: Cases made by Elgin

#2 Post by Magpie » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:27 pm

Very interesting discovery!!!

The movement is 17 size, 7 jewels -- right? (Interestingly enough, the Illinois 23-jewel, 60-hour "Sangamo Special," though sold as a 16 size, was actually a 17 size -- a deliberate choice by Illinois so the movement could be used only in the designated factory case. This is a much later watch than the Elgin "Leader," of course.)

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Re: Cases made by Elgin

#3 Post by GeneJockey » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:40 am

The question I'd have is, did Elgin actually make these cases, or did they commission them and have them stamped ENWCo?

Although Elgin DID sell a number of these 17s watches in England, they also sold them here. There's an ad for the Leader, with a picture of this movement style, in an 1875 ad from a prominent Philadelphia jeweler, and when one sees these movements on Ebay, they're coming from US sellers.

I was interested in these, so I picked up a pair of naked movements, a Leader and a TM Avery, and did a dissection for my blog.

They're real oddballs. And they're quite diverse in the details, too. For example, my two - the Leader and the TM Avery, both have solid balances, but those balance wheels significantly different sizes, and so are the cutouts in the plates and the balance cock.

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