18k gold ladies watch

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18k gold ladies watch

#1 Post by Nara » Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:32 pm

This is my first time on here so I apologize in advance if I am not following a certain procedure.

This watch was given to me in 1960. My uncle was a buyer of watches & jewelry for jewelers in Milan and other cities. He traveled to Chaux de Fonds frequently as well as other areas of Switzerland.

Around 1994 I had the watch serviced in New York. I was told at that time, the watchmaker was famous & the watch valuable. I have seen online a remarkably similar watch by Phillipe Patek. Here are the facts I have. My uncle purchased many Levrette watches at the same time. Charles Wilhelm & Cie. was the manufacturer. This company has gone through various owners Schwartz Etienne & currently Rinaldo Radicchi.

I don't know if there is another marking on the inside of the timepiece other than the usual places but the watchmaker in New York said it was inside the mechanics. Maybe he meant Wilhelm, I don't know.

I wear the watch rarely and has been well-protected. It's time to part with the watch. I have the paperwork I have collected. My assumption is that my watch is a prototype. My uncle had bought several Levrette watches for the women members of the family & I am guessing for a young girl he bought a beautiful watch that cost less since it did not have the popular manufacturers name. I contacted the Swiss watch museum & Swiss watchmakers organization. I am guessing as one company absorbs another records cease to exist.

What is the best way to sell this watch? The Phillipe Patek look alike goes for 7k- since this is Wilhelm what is fair value?
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Re: 18k gold ladies watch

#2 Post by Magpie » Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:01 am

Welcome to the forums!

Since it's a European watch and a ladies' model, I suggest putting your post on the European Watch Forum (and perhaps also on the Ladies Watch Forum), where some specialist is more likely to see it. I hope you can find some information from someone -- I'm afraid I haven't the least clue.

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Re: 18k gold ladies watch

#3 Post by afire » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:44 am

Nara wrote:What is the best way to sell this watch?
The easiest way to sell is eBay. You reach a wide audience and most things go for about what they're worth at auction, or if you think it's worth more than what similar watches sell for on eBay, then you can also set a fixed price.
Nara wrote:The Phillipe Patek look alike goes for 7k- since this is Wilhelm what is fair value?
I'm afraid that a general similarity to a Patek isn't going to result in remotely similar prices. Really, only a fraction of vintage watches are particularly collectible. And Patek is about the most desirable of them all. For lesser brands and lesser known brands, there really isn't a comparison to be drawn. Also, ladies' watches are not as sought after as men's watches. There's just not as large of a market. More often than not, watches like these are valued mostly for their gold content and a modest premium for functionality and aesthetics.

Honestly, I think watches like this tend to sell on eBay for not much more than a couple hundred dollars. If the bracelet is also solid gold, then probably double it or more.

Given that it has a family connection, I'd probably consider keeping it. Just my two cents.
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