Gallet Niello c.1910

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Gallet Niello c.1910

#1 Post by Habitant » Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:40 am

Hi folks

I came across an earlier posting on Gallet watches as I was snooping around for information on my own, and although I'm late to the conversation, thought that perhaps some out there might like to have a peek at my (1910?) Gallet wristwatch.

It measures 28mm across the crown, 33mm across the face and 42mm lug to lug, not quite a spectacular as the 51mm previous model. But it also has a Niello bezel, so there's a certain link between the two. The case is 935 sterling silver and features multiple hallmarks: a rampant bear (?), a Bishop's mitre linked to a crescent moon, another tiny hallmark showing some sort of animal carrying a banner and the 935 sterling stamp (different standard for German sterling back then).

I can only guess at the calibre number as being 19, as it is stamped inside the case twice. I wrote to the Gallet company and received no reply or acknowledgement of my email (disappointing, as they go on about their heritage and I'd been writing to offer pictures for their archive....) and so can't tell you much more about the actual movement. it's running beautifully - I just had it overhauled and was very fortunate to find a watchmaker who was able/willing to replace the broken winding wheel (no mean feat today!)
If there's anyone out there with any further information on the movement, it would be much appreciated.

The glass is in fairly awful shape. Hard to know what to do; it's real glass, of course, and has a couple of nasty nicks in it. Replace with plexiglass? Leave alone? Opinion? The dial is in pretty good shape, and I certainly won't touch that.

As the picture posting side of this forum doesn't seem to work, I have hosted the pictures on my own website; click on the link below and you will be able to download (small folder, don't worry) the pictures.

Best wishes,


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