19th Century Pocket Watch - help in identifying?

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19th Century Pocket Watch - help in identifying?

#1 Post by DaveC » Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:49 am

Greetings -

This is my first post, and I appreciate the opportunity to tap into the knowledge of this community. We have a watch that has been in the family since purchased in a London pawn shop in 1832. It doesn't work, but it is in stunning condition and is beautifully ornate with a gold case decorated on both sides with pearls. The crystal is like new and the movement is beautiful as well.

We are interested in knowing more about this piece, such as whether this watch is made by a well-known watchmaker and whether it has collector value. The movement contains script that says "Ellivnetta", with a serial number of 335. I have consulted the clock and watch department of the British Museum, and while they don't have much information, they speculate that the watchmaker was actually "Attenville", as it was common for makers to spell their names backwards. I have also emailed various watch museums in Switzerland, but none of those emails have been answered.

Thank you for looking, and I'm hoping that I'm fortunate enough to get some assistance from one of the very knowledgeable collectors in this forum.

Thank you for reading.

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