An intricate gold watch with an unknown history...

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An intricate gold watch with an unknown history...

#1 Post by hayleysanne » Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:13 pm

I have a vintage pocket watch from my great grandmother in Germany. I have no idea if it is a real vintage watch or not! I have been able to find very little on 'Rexor' watches online, but have seen a couple listed as vintage. Please help me! I am worried I am not taking good enough care of it. Or it could be a fake from base metal! If it seems promising, I will pay the price of taking it to a valuer.
It is gold in gold, with white(silver) detailing. Inside it says Rexor 37, Antichoc, 17 Rubis
The chain says AM DOUBLE on the quality tag (does this mean gold filled)
Please see attached pics. Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: An intricate gold watch with an unknown history...

#2 Post by owch » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:57 pm

Your gt grandmother's watch is most likely from the 1950s or newer, since that's when anti-shock mechanisms became commonly used on watches.
It appears to be a pendant watch, since it's on a necklace chain.
The AM may be a reference to the manufacturer and the word double is often used on German jewelry.
It means the metal is 20 micron rolled gold --a base metal sandwiched between 20 microns thick gold.
The fact that it says antichoc and 17 rubis, rather than antishock and 17 jewels indicates that it was made for the non-English speaking European market.
The watch appears to also be gold plated but you would only know by opening the back.
The watch mechanism should be a mechanical, wind up watch.
It can last for many years if the movement is cleaned and oiled every few years.
Enjoy the watch.

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