Guinand Freres information?

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Guinand Freres information?

#1 Post by vwlibra » Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:55 pm

Hello All,

This is my first post to these forums. I have inherited several watches from my Grandmother's estate; the first watch in question belonged to my Great-Grandfather. I have expended my due diligence researching as much as I can online, but I'm finding very little information about Guinand Freres (Geneva) pocket watches, specifically.

I have done some research on my local watch & clock shop (very positive reviews online), but I prefer to approach an appraiser with a *little* more info about this watch than what I have available at the moment.

Here is the info I can glean from the piece on my own:

-- 18kt Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch, guilloche engraved case with black enamel accents

1) Face is marked "Guinand Freres" "Geneva"

2) Cover on the watch face is stamped with a crown and "K 18"; at the bottom it is stamped "16"

3) Cover on the back is carved with an intricate band design and stamped with the number "13716". Near the corner there appears to be a hand-etched number in a square; "60854"

4) The back facing plate is etched again with Guinand Freres, Geneva and "N13716"

5) The inside mechanism is again marked Guinand Freres. I wish had a magnifying glass or a camera better than my iphone to takes photos!

My personal measurements have the face at 38.1 mm.

Any feedback or redirection to a Guindand catalog/manufacturing listing would be most appreciated.

I will post my other three watches as my research dries up!
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