Can anyone please help me identify this watch

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Can anyone please help me identify this watch

#1 Post by nufc » Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:45 am

I bought this old watch at a market yesterday and have been doing some digging and it seems to be a very old rolex with the makers mark of W&D. The makers mark is in a oval with a point at the top and a point at the bottom.

Please look at the image below and mine says pretty much the same thing the only differences are the following.

Instead of the n in the photo that i think is a date mark mine is a h.
The numbers under the h (on mine) are different and read 542 with a 2 under it.

The inside of the watch workings has "swiss made" and the only other markings i can see are like below with a arrow pointing down between the a-r and the f-s.


(Image of one i got online as my camera can't take close up images)

Images below are of my watch (sorry about the quality my camera is really bad) - front - Back - Inside

From the digging about i have been doing it seems the makers mark of W&D seems to be Wilsdorf and Davis and it was Wilsdorf that created rolex in 1908.

Could anyone please take a look and maybe tell me more about it.

Thank you. Daniel.

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