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Seamaster 1966

#1 Post by tse » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:30 pm

I'm a Hamilton collector and know nothing about Omega. I do have a couple of questions appropriate to this forum about an Omega Seamaster my son inherited from his father-in-law who passed decades ago. See pics attached. He has the original box, papers etc. from the purchase at a US military PX in Japan in 1966.

The sale papers indicate "silver/14k." What does that mean?

The bracelet looks original to me?

I understand this to be an automatic (self-winding) movement. So it still needs routine cleaning and adjustment every so-many years, like any mechanical watch from that era?

Can anyone recommend a watchmaker in the San Francisco bay area to service this watch at a reasonable cost?

I doubt he would ever sell this, but I am curious as to the approximate value.

Any other information would be welcome as we know almost nothing about this watch.

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