FS: Hamilton 'Brooke' 980

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FS: Hamilton 'Brooke' 980

#1 Post by Dir » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:38 pm

I'm not a regular in these forums so apologies for not knowing the lingo.
I was given my sister's 'Brooke' watch a few years back. She was given it by our father in the 1950's (her name is Brooke so there was a bit of an association). Brooke (my sister) had Rene rebuild/service it a few years back and it's been sitting in its original case ever since. It doesn't suit my wrist and I'm too afraid of accidentally bashing it in my normal clumsy day to day grind. I'd prefer that it end up with a collector.

The watch is basically single owner (well, single family). I have a few photos of it which are here in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ad63u3hliizl ... 8fNCa?dl=0
I'm up in Victoria BC Canada so if anyone wants to see it first-hand they're more than welcome.
I also have a torn out page from a 1938 National Geographic that has a full-page ad for the 'Brooke' Hamilton. Hopefully I've still got it and if I can find it, the buyer is welcome to it.

I'd like at least USD$600 for it. It's never been worn since Rene restored it and it looks brand new.

Hopefully the photos give you all the details you'll need.

Doug inthecentreofitall@gmail.com and +1 604 679 1953

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Re: FS: Hamilton 'Brooke' 980

#2 Post by stales » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:48 pm

Hi Doug

Thanks for sharing your sister's watch here. I thought you may be interested in the following.

The Brooke has an unusual case geometry (curved to fit the wrist so it sits up for ease of reading) and was only catalogued for sale in 1938 and 1939. These are factors that make it a desirable piece for collectors. It was only available with a "gold filled" case, ie a sandwich of gold on base metal (mainly nickel), effectively an older form of gold plating. Our colleague at this site, Handy Dan gives an excellent overview of this model at his Hamilton Chronicles site.

These days the Brooke is not commonly seen and, if it had been manufactured with a solid gold case rather than one which is gold filled, it would command a premium. Looking at your photos, you will note that the gold has worn through in a few places on your sister's watch, notably the case corners. This will decrease its value in comparison to one without obvious signs of wear.

Records indicate that the movement of your sister's watch (serial number G666612) was manufactured about 1951. So it would seem that the original movement has been replaced for this later movement at some point in the watch's life. To a collector this will also decrease its value against an example with an original movement.

So, taking into account that this not a solid gold model, that there is significant case wear and that the movement has been replaced then I think your suggested selling price of USD600+ is ambitious. I do not have any sales data to back it up, but I think the vicinity of USD300-350 may be closer to the mark. There's only one to tell though, put it up for auction at ebay and see what it brings.

One final thought is that if you have any pictures of your sister with the watch and if your still have Rene's service documentation then this provenance will bring some extra value (maybe 110-115% of base price?

It's good to see that you and I are virtual neighbours (I'm in the Vancouver West End) so I'd be happy to catch up if ever you're looking for a coffee or a beer downtown.

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